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Holding onto negative, painful emotions often have a deep effect on your quality of life.  They can cause significant emotional damage and greatly affect your physical health.  Additionally, can challenge you from having meaningful, long term relationships.


Regardless if you experienced a traumatic event or compounded negative feelings over time, by releasing these trapped energies you can achieve greater well-being and live a more positive, enjoyable life.

It's natural to avoid confronting the most painful parts of our pasts due to the enormity of pain they cause.  But by not doing so, the results are fester and become our worse nightmares, anxiety, anger, sleep disorders ... disease and on and on. 

BUT, by releasing these trapped emotions through Virtual Healing, you do not have to RE-Experience the past traumas.  You do not need to reveal your darkest hurts to anyone.  All we need to do is identify these trapped, toxic emotions and eliminate them by proxy.  

Virtual means we do not have to meet in person, but can achieve results via email, text, messaging or phone call - what ever is comfortable for you.   Injuries are quicker pain release than chronic pain.  

Chronic pain the process will take longer and may take up to 60 to 90 days.  Everyone is different.

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