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Videos regarding evidence for reincarnation and scientific exploration of consciousness by well renowned scientist and physicist below.

Click the button to buy the book, The Boy Who Knew Too Much - the reincarnation of Lou Gehrig

The Reincarnation of Lou Gerhig - AMAZING!

The Reincarnation of James Lenininger

WWII pilot reborn and meeting his aircraft carrier friends & family

Reincarnation of James Lenininger Part 2

The reincarnation of Anne Frank

Mind and the wave function collapse chat with Henry Stapp, Ph.D., Quantum Physicist, University of CA and Harvard educated John Hagelin, Ph.D., Quantum Physicist and Unified Field Theorist, President of David Lynch Foundation 

Gregg Braden, Bladder Cancer dissolves in less than 3 minutes using The Language of Emotion (SHORT VERSION)

Gregg Braden:  Deep Truth, Igniting The Memory Of Our Origin, History & Destiny (LONG VERSION)

Prof. Donald Hoffman Professor of Cognitive Sciences University of CA, Irvine: Do We See Reality As It Is

The Greatest Secret Of Mankind - Who YOU Really Are

The Amazing Power Of Your Mind!

The Power of I AM - How you can harness the power within you!

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