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A Case For Reincarnation is provided to help those who have had similar experience to find their own voice and personal acceptance.  Once it is understood where certain feelings, illnesses or other issues are rooted, one can release the disease or emotions and healing takes place.  

For many, knowing this phenomena is being studied seriously at the university level, takes the voo-doo aspect of it out.  As science advances, we now have some understanding how consciousness works.  Even in the last 10 years, quantum leaps in our knowledge are as profound and striking as man moving from flesh drawn transportation to man on the moon is 73 years.  

Is There Life After Death - 50 Yrs Of Research At UAV
Jim B. Tucker, MD 
Psychiatric Dept. University of Virginia
Evidence Of Reincarnation In Children, by Jim B. Tucker, MD
The Science Of Reincarnation And The Applications & Ramifications @ FAU Part I
FAU Lecture Part II
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