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How long does a session take?

Typically 2-4 hours.  Some sessions take longer and are as varied as each individual.  I advise to allow up to 4 hours so we are not rushed.   


May I Bring My Favorite Someone to watch?

This is extremely private therapy and is done only one-on-one. You will be in a caring environment. Each session is recorded.  We recommend you listen first to your session and then decide if you would like to share it with others.  We keep your session completely confidential.  


Do you have to believe in past lives for QHHT to work?

Not at all. Think of it as a story. You need only to believe in the power of your own mind and have an open heart.  In fact, some of the best results are found in individuals with a deep faith system.  They know the power of their own belief system.  It is the belief that gives you the power to heal.  So, if you don’t believe in past lives, that is not a worry. We can call that part just a story; both are just words and concepts and we’ll work with the words and concepts that are most familiar to you. This part of the session is showing you where issues you are dealing with began because if we know where something began we can more easily understand it, heal it and move on. There are many, many possibilities of things you might be shown during this part. ALL of this information is just below the level of consciousness that we usually work from.


Can QHHT be provided remotely via phone or skype?

No, all sessions are in person. There is no way to properly care for someone in a deep, relaxed state over phone or skype.  Remember, this is a deep, meditative state - not the light Alpha State most hypnotist stay in.  However, there are many different modalities that are incredible vehicles for healing.  Please contact me so that I might direct you to the best place for your particular situation.   


Do you practice in different locations? 

I have a full time practice in Noblesville, IN.  Time and cost of going around the state would raise the price

of each session by a significant amount.  


Will I remember what happens in the session?

It is possible. Some remember all of it, some part of it and others none of it. Each session is unique. As long as you are relaxed the session will go well.  This is one reason why you are encouraged to record your session.


Will you guarantee I will be healed?

No.  Not at all.  There are many reasons why an individual may not heal from a certain affliction.  It maybe in a person's very own design to remain ill.  Often times folks ask why would someone want to remain ill?  A deeper understanding of 'why' could lie in that is how they identify themselves on a subliminal level.  The healing must come from deep within a person.  If a person is not ready to let go of the attention their illness brings them, they will not allow for their own healing.  Just in life, there are No guarantees. 


Do YOU heal me?

Your healing comes from deep within yourself. I am merely a guide and a facilitator to help you create your OWN HEALING.  We have seen astounding, even miraculous things happen in sessions or over time.  Improvement is sometimes significant and other times marginal. You only change as much as you are willing.  For a great many people who have done QHHT over the past 45 - plus years, say this is a life changing experience and it allowed them to heal and/or know themselves much better.  Please review the Testimonial page.  

What To Expect In A QHHT Session?

Prepare a list of questions that you want answers to. These questions can range from the mundane to Life's big questions. Most frequently asked questions are:
   What is my life's purpose; am I on the right path?
   Why do I have this health/relationship/financial/family issue?
During your QHHT session you will be laying on a comfortable couch fully clothed while Sally is sitting on a chair nearby. She will guide you to a state of consciousness where you will have access to the information that is most appropriate for you to receive. This can be a past lifetime, the past of this current lifetime, etc. After this exploration your Higher Self is brought forward and it will answer questions and often profoundly heal issues of all kinds - from physical, emotional to spiritual. Sally ask you make sure you have record app on your smart phone to record your session.  It is recommended you listen to you session as often as you can for continued benefit.  If you do not have a smart phone, Sally will record the session for you and email it to you through Drop Box.  

For those who do not believe in past lives, just remember to think of it as a story or a dream.  Be open to the experience as your Subconscious is working to heal you through this modality.  

What have other's successfully healed with QHHT?

Once you understand the root cause of your illness or issue, your mind and body can release it.  Accessing this understanding is much easier through guided meditation, but spontaneous healing of belief can happen in many ways.  For those who are skeptical, it is recommended you explore the science behind spontaneous healing, that is now being studied at some of our nations prestigious universities.  Click Here For Science Page. 

Verified QHHT cases include healings of such diseases or issues, but not limited to:



-painful neuropathy

-cleared precancerous & cancerous tumors

-rebuild cartilage



-sleep disorders

-pain relief 



In any field of healing or medicine there are never any guarantees. QHHT is no different in that it asks you to be diligent in your own aftercare. 

If you are dealing with a medical condition, we advise that you consult your physician and receive a full and proper medical diagnosis. Neither Sally nor any QHHT Practitioner nor any QHHT representatives are qualified to either diagnose or give medical advice or treatment.  We are proponents of working with, not replacing, your doctor.  A good health practitioner always is open to what works best for their patients.  Many doctors are open to adding guided meditation to healing.  This is important.  You do not want to take medicines if they are no longer needed.  Only your licensed doctor can advise you on when it's time to stop taking medications.  It is advised to make sure if you've received healing through guided meditation, reach out to your physician for an evaluation as soon as possible.  

Remember, the QHHT Session Sally Knopp conducts with you is in her capacity as a facilitator or guide. QHHT engenders a discussion between you and your Subconscious and the recorded sessions will clearly reveal the Higher Source of information and healing.  This is a powerful method and many have benefited from tapping into their SC.  Testimonies from many QHHT practitioners, as well as Dolores Cannon, can be accessed for you to make a decision if this modality is worth a try.  QHHT practitioners do NOT heal you.  You heal YOU.  

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