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Before Booking An Appointment Please Make Sure You Are Committed To The Process

You are welcome to reschedule appointments with 24 hour notice

There are no refunds.  

For FREE Consult - Text 317-376-9364 to schedule a time.

Needing Just A Simple Energy Clearing & Healing Session to Remove Blockages, Raise Your Abundance, clear Heart Walls, Trauma Energy and Recharge Your Batteries?  This session might be just right!  Divine Energy Healing & Clearing is a short, 25 minute session for just $25.  

ENERGY HEALING / Multi-Dimensional Healing & Emotion / Body Code  / Best Value!

Ignite The Super Human In YOU by Clearing trapped emotional energy, emotional blocks, past life imprints, ancestral trauma, activate DNA strands, even remove aches and pains - as we dive into the source of your Dis-Ease and infuse divine healing into your mind, body and spirit complex.  $175.00 (includes 2 free follow-up appointments.)  

Past Life Reading Via Associated Remote Viewing / Akashic Records Reading

What past life is most affecting you today?  Are you struggling with money, relationships, illogical phobias, allergies or even Illness? These can be rooted in a past life and held in the spirit complex of our 3 dimensional selves.  Or are you just curious?  Let's Tap INTO Your Akashic Records and Explore! This session might be right for you!  $100 for a 1 hour session.  

MDH by Proxy (Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis by Proxy)

Ever wonder what it would be like to ask Edgar Cayce questions?  Well, we no longer have this great man with us, but we do have his technique in accessing the infinite mind, or as he called the Akashic Records.  Working closely with Lorenda Carr, also a QHHT Practitioner, we put Lorenda in a deep theta state and connect with your Higher Self to ask your questions.  This amazing journey into the mysteries of the Subconscious Mind is fascinating!  This is a three part session.  First, you meet with me, go over details, expectations and answer any question you might have about this unique process.  Part 2 is putting Lorenda under and asking your questions while recording the session.  Then the recording is sent to you for your review.  Part 3 is your follow up with Lorenda to go over your session and answer questions you might have.  This process is paid in 2 installments.  Book & Pay first installment of $100 by clicking button below.   Second installment will be paid to Lorenda when she contacts you with your recording.

QHHT SESSION / Quantum Healing Hypnosis With Energy Clearing

This deep hypnosis developed by Dolores Cannon is a lovely experience for those seeking meaning to life, healing and personal discovery!  But, where most QHHT Practitioners focus on meeting you and doing a session, Lorenda Carr and I kick it up a notch or 2!  We offer you a unique experience by doing both multi-dimensional healing prior to you doing a full on QHHT session.  Why do we do it this way?  We have found over the years working with many clients when a person receives energy healing prior to their QHHT session, they go down easier into the deep Theta state for a much richer experience.  Even more strange - their questions change from what they asked prior to energy healing to after!  What?!  Check out the video (coming soon!) to get the deep dive on QHHT with Sally and Lorenda!  

Booking with both Lorenda and Sally you will receive energy healing and a QHHT session for a total of $325, saving you $100 off the total cost.

Sally's regular price for Multi-Dimensional Healing is $175.  Booking this option your MDH session is just $100, saves you $75.

Lorenda's regular price for QHHT is $250.  Booking this option your QHHT session is $225, saves you $25

A total savings of $100, should you decide both is right for you.  Pay each Sally & Lorenda separately.  The first part of the 2 part session will be done over Zoom.  Part 2, the QHHT session is in person.  You will need to set aside about 4 hours out of your day to meet in person with Lorenda.  

Hacking Law of Attraction Coaching 

4, 1 hour Zoom sessions for $350.

Deep dive into how the LOA works, discover what might be blocking you and focus on removing your obstacles while developing your skills for Positive Manifesting.  Send a text message to Sally to schedule your sessions.  

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