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What IS Soul To Soul Communication?

Using Dolores' technique many have been able to achieve communication with a loved one who has been lost due to a break up or death.  

This often leaves many of us with the deepest heartache we can ever experience.   Coming to terms or even just getting to a point where it softens in the smallest measure can take years.  

In 2016 I came across a book I recommend for anyone who has lost a loved one.  Induced After Death Communication by Allan L. Botkin, PsyD is eye opening.  In the Forward written by Raymond Moody, PhD, MD states, "Dr. Allan Botkin has developed a different and very powerful psychological procedure for evoking experiences of the deceased.  I was fascinated when I first heard him describe it and I am sure you will be, too."  

Dr. Moody added, "He and I agree that it is too early for science to tackle the biggest of the big questions of existence of humankind's ultimate mystery.  Instead he is content to put his findings forward in hopes that they may be of clinical benefit to those who have lost loved ones and who are struggling with grief."


After consulting with my QHHT team, they were in unison in their response, "Of course, there are no boundaries with consciousness.  One can communicate, with permission of both higher selves, you and the party you wish to communicate, to anyone, on this side of the veil or the other."  

Dr. Botkin's studies have revealed a great deal of healing can be done using a guided meditation (or deep hypnosis)  Dolores Cannon would agree.  

Since I learned QHHT could be used for a much broader range, I incorporated what I call Soul To Soul Communication.  I feel the term fits better, as it suggest we can have a dialogue with anyone, living or 'dead'.  


Imagine the healing that resonates when you can truly understand The Whys.  And being able to open up your 'internal phone line' so you can continue to have a better level of communication with those who have crossed over, or to be able to finally release someone who no longer is in your present life.  *See Maddy's & Kelly's testimonial.  

This is a leap for some folks and it's not my goal to make believers out of anyone.   I recommend you read Dr. Botkin's book and learn more about Dolores Cannon's approach to healing.  Take your time and when you are ready, reach out and give it a go.  


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