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Amy G Testimonial Remote Healing
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Amy G was struggling with Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  She describes her journey to and through remote energy healing and remote hypnosis.

In this video, Tammy Battles shares her experience with QHHT.  She went from having severe Neuropathy to having NO leg pain at all.  She also feels she cured herself of type 2 diabetes and cancerous tumors that were taking over her body and are now shrinking.   Listen to what she has to say about this amazing experience she had through her sessions.

HAROON UPDATE:   Haroon sent a follow up email on Novemeber 14, 2017, stating, "After my second session with Sally, I truly knew something had shifted in my life.  After uncovering many things during our session, coming out of it I felt like I had a huge piece of the puzzle figured out and noticed things around me were changing around me.  The energy around me was different and my own energy was different.  I felt my life was moving a lot faster and the things I wanted to happen happening quicker and in front of me.  I truly believe we all have energy blockages from either this life or past lives and Sally can help you get to the root cause of those blockages to help you manifest your own goals faster.  Self healing is possible and a session with Sally is something I would truly recommend for everyone.  I feel the blockages that came from my past have been lifted and I energetically feel lighter and attract things I want to in life."

Haroon describes how he over came a phobia of cliffs and heights in addition to understanding why he has a digestive disorder.  He explains the interesting duality of going through a QHHT session.  For him, it was a powerful experience!

Lyle explains how he came into a fuller understanding of himself and his forward path in life.  In addition his healing is coming in a little differently. Most have instantaneous healing, but not with Lyle.  His is more gradual, but still amazing!  He talks about how it feels when his higher self is healing his body.  

Amy describes her QHHT session, from when she first came, how she felt nervous to learning the most amazing things about herself and the world around her.  She takes you through what the experience is like, including feeling the complete control & duality of hearing her SC come through at the same time.  

TJ details her experience with Multi-Dimensional Healing and her awakening journey.  What might you experience?

Kara is on a Spiritual path and shares her experience working with Sally, to expand her consciousness!  

Shelly gives testimony on her experience using Quantum Healing to end ancestral trauma and heal her most important relationships!  

Amanda Gives Her Testimony on turning her sales slump into big dollars & how we healed her son of a horrific allergy!

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"I knew my success as a professional psychic medium was being slowed down by something from my past life. I chose to have a session with Sally because she offers quantum healing as a part of her service. WOW! In only one session, that ancient energy was healed and business picked up immediately! Not only did I experience a profound change in my physical realm, but the internal change was the most dramatic. All the trepidation and yucky energy from the past is completely vanished, and a deep sense of peace and joy about my life’s mission is now there instead. She is extremely knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend her to anyone, and I will be referring all my clients needing past life regression to her."

    -Annie Sever-Dimitri, MSW, Indianapolis


"Sally was a beautiful facilitator for my experience. I felt from the first moment, I was in good hands. She calmly walked me through the process and then helped me to feel completely at ease all the way through. This technique was powerful for me and answered some questions that allowed me to move forward.  I feel this is a true calling for Sally and I highly recommend it to others."

In gratitude & peace,
   -Laurie Sparks, Fishers, Indiana


"Sally has a calm and soothing voice. I had a very interesting experience that I'm still trying to understand."

   -Jill Pendalton. Indianapolis



"Thanks Sally.  I had a huge release afterward.  Feeling good yesterday and today!  Looking forward to seeing you again."

   -Heather Bower,  Indianapolis

"I have been familiar with hypnosis for some time now.   It is a great tool for self realization and behavior modification.  Having never used this tool for the past life regression, I decided to experience it after meeting Sally Knopp and learning how passionate she was for her work.


I had the opportunity to work with Sally during my own past life regression session shortly after meeting her at the Good Journeys Expo.  I had an extremely deep and profound experience.  Sally skillfully and respectfully lead me through two past lives and a discussion with my subconscious mind.  She knew just the right questions to ask to facilitate my hypnotic state and guide me through the experience.  


Perhaps what makes Sally so special is her dedication to making my experience a success.  I had some difficulty initially achieving a hypnotic state.  In her determination to makemy experience successful and relevant, Sally rescheduled my appointment and endeavored to make me comfortable and safe.  I was albe to have a deeply significant and interesting experience on the second visit.  


Self-knowledge is vitally important as we live our lives.  It is always beneficial to reinforce the meaning of our lives.  Learning about relevant past lives has helped me understand my current one so much more.


Thank you Sally, for introducing me to my soul." 

   - Claire Jackoway, Fishers, Indiana

Remote Energy Healing Testimonials:

"Having an emotion code session with Sally was pivotal to my being able to settle down about perimenopause. I was absolutely enraged that my hormones were messing with my ability to live my life as I wanted. After a few distance sessions with Sally, the rage was completely vanished! It still hasn't returned. Sessions with Sally are super easy and super effective. I highly recommend her."


-Annie Sever-Dimitri, MSW
Helping Animals AND Their Humans Heal and Be Happy

Lorrie was clenching her teeth so tightly at night, she actually broke a tooth.  Trapped emotions can cost you in physical pain, as well as costing you money for treatments. 


Due to her being in another state, doing a QHHT session was out of the question.  QHHT sessions must be done in person.  What she opted for was remote energy healing and Tapping Sessions.   

Lucinda suffered from Fibromyalgia and RA for years!  Below is her experience with EC remote healing.  

Freed from Sciatica & Chronic Fatigue!  
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"The past year both of my hands have become very stiff & sore. Plus both thumbs & left ring finger have trigger finger. Five days ago Sally Knopp started working on my hands, within 3 days they are very close to being completely healed with no trigger finger symptoms or stiffness. What a wonderful experience to have without taking medication. Sally, thank you so much for your amazing touch in healing." ❤ - Debbie Kern, Noblesville


"I cannot say enough good things about this lady. Her talent and bedside manner are phenomenal. I had struggled with anxiety and depression for many years. Sometimes very intensely. I had seen an array of doctors since I was 13 with not much relief. I had dabbled with some holistic treatments but again struggled with consistent long term results. I've been working with Sally for almost 7 months now. I started my journey with Sally with a family member; we're both doing the Q.H.H.T session.( Which was extremely insightful btw. ) I learned about her remote healing work then and wanted to continue with heart wall work. Sally has been very communicative with me during the past 6 months and I feel better than I can remember ever feeling in my life. No more weird episodes of sleepless nights or anxiety or depression fits that made me so recluse that I was missing chunks of my life and those I loved around me. We're now working on my fear of driving and smoking addiction. I'm excited for my future and all life has in store for me. We were so impressed with the results from Sally's work that my aunt continued with remote healing as well. We have seen progress in leaps and bounds in her mental and physical health. I think her diabetes may be gone for good 🥰"

Dee Southwood, Indiana

"Working with Sally has been an amazing experience. What first brought me to Sally was a Quantum Healing Hypnosis technique (QHHT) session which was incredibly insightful, and something I recommend every person should experience who is ready to take a deep dive into their subconscious. This can help get to the root of many people's current day issues. After having a QHHT session with Sally, I became interested in her other service, which was Remote Energy Healing, also known as Emotion Code. I came into it somewhat skeptical, but after a single session with Sally, that skepticism was completely gone. After experiencing back pain that I thought was going to land me in the urgent care clinic, I emailed Sally about it to see if remote energy healing could help. She emailed me back letting me know she had done a release, and to my complete amazement, the pain was COMPLETELY gone about an hour after. I was completely amazed, and sold. I then worked with Sally on a number of other minor issues and was amazed at how simple this was. If anyone is struggling with physical or mental issues that can't seem to be resolved with other treatment, I highly recommend contacting Sally Knopp for services." -Dr. Haroon Bandawal ND, DNM

"Sally was so amazing with our rescue dog. She was able to help us manage seizures with no questions asked. Our dog is doing so well and we are so thankful that she was able to help clear past trauma for our dog. He is so happy and healed in so many ways. Thanks again Sally. We appreciate what your true gifts are and are thankful. I suggest if you have a pet that needs some healing to get Sally to help you won"t regret it. :)"   Shauna Hale, Indianapolis - Salt For Your Soul


Amy G's Story...

From Dee - 

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