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Welcome!  This website is about Igniting The Super Human In YOU!  From exploring Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis, to multi-dimensional healing, activating your 'junk' DNA, plus delving into the mysteries of consciousness, how to properly apply the law of attraction and how you can hack your own subconscious to empower yourself into a new life experience.

I invite you to explore your possibilities!  Most popular offer is Multi-Dimensional Healing with 2 free follow up sessions.  For more details and other offerings click Private Sessions .  

MEANWHILE, start exploring the Super Human In You by clicking the video below, Dissolve a cloud in 3 minutes.  Listen closely how I do it and you apply the same method, too!  If you struggle with dissolving clouds, reach out - lets clear up your energies and get you Ignited!  Are you ready to engage in Divine Healing?

See video of Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT Technique

QHHT Certified Practioner
Certified QHHT Practitioner
Certified Emotion Code Healer
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