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Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique QHHT Practitioner
Dr. Bradley Nelson's Discover Healing Practitioner / Emotion Code Pratitoner
Multi-Dimensional Exploration Guide
Past Life Expedition Guide Using both QHHT in person and Light Hypnosis via phone
Enjoy exploring this site to discover which modality for your healing or journey is right for you.  Some choose more than one avenue as adding different layers adds to your experience.  
These modalities achieve the same goals, releasing trapped energy from your mind, body and spirit so you can potentially heal naturally.  Each offers a unique experience.    
Creator of Body Code / Emotion Code Dr. Bradley Nelson explains the body is made of pure energy, negative emotions can become trapped, disrupting and damaging organs, bones, tissue, even play havoc with your peace of mind.  These negative energies become lodged in the weakest areas of your body.  Each time you feel an emotion intensely it can ball up and stick in this frail area.  The root of disease.  
As a certified practitioner, we can discover what is trapped, misaligned or detached and work to clear the way the negative energies so your body can potentially heal itself.  By using your body's natural ability to heal itself often the results are disease will reverse and disappear.  Everyone has a different result and experience.   
Below are some conditions Dr. Bradley Nelson's technique has helped. 
Acid Reflux / Attention Deficit / Anxiousness / Digestive Disorders / Joint & Muscle Pain / Headaches / Blood Sugar Imbalances / Weight Issues / Blood Pressure Issues / Fatigue / Ringing In The Ears / Sinus Issues / Skin Issues / Chest Pain / Heartburn Issues / Feeling Panicked / And countless unnamed diseases and disorders.  

What if you could find the power within to heal yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually?  Are you ready to take steps to potentially have one of the most transformational experiences of your life?  


 To LEARN MORE about Discover Healing (Remote Energy Healing) click HERE.








To LEARN MORE about Dolores Cannon's QHHT (healing & past lives) click HERE. 


For those interested in QHHT  your journey may include interest in a family member, like Cathy Byrd - who was confused why her two year old was recounting stories of being a tall baseball player - whose son remembers being Lou Gerhig.  Untangling this mystery gave her family a transformation beyond imagination.


Your journey is unique to you. 


Join the thousands who have successfully treated their own diseases through QHHT's guided meditation.   Tammy Battles of Noblesville, cured herself Type II Diabetes, alleviated her severe neuropathy pain.  


Discover your hidden powers within you, unlocked memories that gives the key to a joyful life - This is amazing Alternative Healing.

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See video of Dolores Cannon, founder of QHHT Technique

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