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Embrace Judgement

"Judge not, lest ye be judged."

We humans are herd animals. It's easy to flow with the wave of opinions, after all we like being accepted by our tribes. It becomes easy to judge others, point out their flaws and look our noses down upon them. Then, in the quiet of our individuality, we begin to feel the wrongness of judgement. Many of us hear those words, "judge not..." bubbling up from the dark recesses of our minds. In the hearing of those wise words, we find ourselves feeling worse... or perhaps, justified, but for certain separated from those we judge.

So why on Earth would I suggest to anyone Embrace Judgement? Simply, Judgement can be a lesson. When we judge something to be bad, we are becoming aware of something inside ourselves that needs healing. It comes from an aspect of ourselves because it has emerged into our awareness. And to see it, one needs to get honest with themselves. Not many can. The Ego is strong. In fact the Ego is at best suspicious and at worst, vicious.

By judging others you retaliate against self. My dad would say, "You get back what you put out." The Law of Attraction, for sure. But, this doesn't have to be bad.

If you come from a perspective of understanding that by being shown something that is unacceptable in others, by becoming aware of it, it is a reflection of something in self. This helps us see what we need to heal within ourselves. In this sense, it is a gift.

Forgiveness of other's unacceptable behavior is an action that transforms your mind from fear to love. Understanding the act of judging others is a battleground between Ego and your Higher Self (or Holy Spirit within you). Judging is a reflection of your own wounds. To accept people for who and where they are, you acknowledge something within yourself that needs healing and in that acknowledgement comes peace in heart and mind.

The Holy Spirit, God, Source, Allah, whatever is your Divine being, is not one of punishment, but of healing. Punishment's root is fear. Forgiveness root is Love. The two do not co-exists. Your Divine God is of pure Love. You are the divine extension of God. For disallowing yourself or others, disallows the God Within, The Divine Nature of who we truly are.

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