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What is a Heart Wall and Do You Have One?

Diary of an Emotion Code Practitioner Entry 3

What is a Heart Wall and is it affecting your happiness, wellbeing or finances?

Dr. Bradley Nelson and his wife Jean, discovered the energy that creates Heart Walls. He writes about this in his book, The Emotion Code.

Through their own personal experience, they discovered not only did Jean have a Heart Wall but most people have Heart Walls. Our subconscious mind creates an energy field that forms around one’s heart during vulnerable times as a form of protection. It can happen at any point, including infancy.

How does it happen? Emotions are a compass; they give us guidance on where we are in the now. If you are sad your frequency is low. If you are happy your frequency is high. Each emotion has its own frequency. And each low frequency can cause disruptions in our electro-magnetic field or also known as our Torus Field. If these are not dissipated, they can become stuck and grow larger over time. And a heart can be encased in these energy fields. Remember from the previous entries everything is energy and frequency.

A device known as the Magneto Cardiogram or MCG measures the magnetic field of hearts. Scientist have discovered this magnetic field can extend up to 12 feet around our bodies. This energy is measurable.

Science now is telling us there is communication taking place between all of us through the heart, a sender and receiver of information – literally through the magnetic wave.

When this field is disrupted by trapped emotional energy it can cause all kinds of issues. When you consider what is now know about the heart, such as every heartbeat sending a message to our cells with our subconscious mind obeying those messages, we can then grasp how critical it is to keep proper balance in our electro-magnetic fields and our subconscious minds.

Our hearts remember. That is an astounding claim, but many heart transplant patients have retained memories of the doner. Studies have been done on this subject and I invite you to do your research as the reports are fascinating. For now, lets move on.

What creates a heart wall? Imagine a moment in your life where you said to yourself, “You are not going to hurt me that way again.” Or maybe you lose loved one or have a tragic life event, Greif is a very powerful emotion and can easily become lodged in our bodies. The Subconscious mind then builds an energy around our heart for protection to ease any further hurt.

So how does it feel to have a heart wall, and do you have one? It can manifest as a feeling of pressure and or discomfort in your chest area. Feelings of depression or being overwhelmed have also been linked to Heart Walls. Some state they feel disconnected, they do not feel as if they belong or fit in. In some cases, people feel angry and know deep inside they have no reason to be so. Some express they fee