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Diary of an Emotion Code Practitioner Entry 2 – Overwhelming Anxiety and no way out? Well, unlikely

Do you experience a racing pulse? Tightness in your chest? Feel as though you can’t catch your breath? Feel extreme sense of fight or flight? These might be symptoms of a serious medical condition. First, always seek medical attention immediately to rule out any life-threatening event or other imbalances. These also maybe symptoms of Anxiety.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, or ADAA Over 40 million Americans suffer some form of ongoing Anxiety. So, you are not alone.

Amy was one of the 40 plus million. She had been to her doctor and gained some relief. Through a series of medical exams it was clear her physical body was relatively healthy. Yet her anxiety was building and causing her debilitating symptoms. Exercise and medications didn’t feel they were easing her anxiety and in fact it was the opposite. Reaching out to me was, in her mind, a last resort.

For her this condition was intolerable. Her profession required public speaking and she was becoming close to having to quit her job. The possibility of re-inventing her career was adding to her stress.

Tapping into her mind-body-spirit complex I found she was carrying much of her emotional baggage in her nervous system. Due to the large of amount of trapped emotional energy we had to decompress slowly. Why release it slowly? Isn’t removing it all at once better? Nope. And here’s why.

First the higher aspect of ourselves, some refer to as our Over Soul or Higher Self will protect us from too much release at a time. Although The Higher Self definition of too much at once isn’t really the same as our conscious self would likely agree with. Moving too much energy at once can make us feel the emotions we are removing more acutely, in this case fear, worry and anxiety; make us more fatigued, and sometimes both.

A quick side note for clarity on why not to remove trapped energies too quickly. As with most of the population my husband was dealing with a lot of anxiety. When I was going through training for this modality I asked if he would allow me to remove the energies causing anxiety. I was met with skepticism, but he agreed. I set out immediately and every single day I was finding tons of energy to remove. I thought “wow, we’ve got this!”

In the meantime, my husband was traveling. He had been gone for 5 days when I received this call. He said, “I can’t take how bad I’m feeling – my anxiety has NEVER been so high!” I knew immediately what the cause was and quickly apologized. Dr. Brad during training, had warned us not to over do it! I stopped moving energy and within a few days he felt Much better and most of his symptoms had left him. He was in a better place afterwards, but the journey was nearly too hard. Note to self, “Do NOT tap into anyone more than once a week!” A rule I standby today.

So, like peeling away layers of an onion, we started by checking Amy’s Abundance Mode and if she had Heart Walls. Abundance Mode and Heart Walls will be covered in upcoming entries. For now, suffice to k