A Lesson In Forgiveness

At 7 his mother died, his father had another woman and didn't want him and so he was sent to live with an aunt & uncle who didn't want him, either. The aunt & uncle made him sleep on their back porch and pluck chickens for that space and meals.

By his freshman year in high school, he felt all he had were his two brothers, and my mom. They married when he was 18 - and his world changed. He created the family he yearned for - created a family so loving and connected few can understand, created a successful business for himself (Vic Zinn Music) His adult years were filled with love, laughter and much happiness.

In later life, when the aunt who didn't want him called because she was lonely - he was the one who went and sat with her, gave her company. When asked how could he do such a thing, be so kind to someone who had been so unkind in her ways toward him as a child he would say, 'To Forgive someone is much like saying you have hurt me, you have wronged me and I forgive you for those wrongs, which comes from a place of judgement. Instead, it's much deeper than that for me. It's not that they did anything wrong, it's more like they did the best the knew how.'

Finding peace with someone who has 'wronged' you is freeing. It gives you a deep and profound sense of relief - that few will ever know because we judge. When you judge you do not love unconditionally. Unconditional love and judgement, cannot co-exists. Holding onto judgement is what prevents us from experiencing true healing. Few will know this deep sense of healing because few come to terms with or understand judgement - and what it does to us. I'm proud to say, Vic Zinn is my dad. Love you Dad, for giving me this lesson! #loveyourself

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