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    MDH by Proxy
Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis by Proxy
   Now Available!

Inspired by world renowned Father of Holistic Medicine, Edgar Cayce, Psychic Medium, Lorenda Carr, QHHTCP and Facilitator, Sally Knopp, QHHTCP utilize a similar method used by Cayce and his team to bring you a unique reading experience. (note: QHHTCP - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Certified Practitioner)

QHHT and like hypnosis methods require a deep Theta State to connect with the higher consciousness and many people find that level hard to achieve.  Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis by Proxy, the process by which a medium accesses your higher self, works especially well for those who feel they are unable to go in a deep hypnotic state.  Via a proxy, you can get answers to your most pressing questions and healing needs.  This equally powerful method frees up your time, as you do not need to be present.  Lorenda and Sally are working in the quantum space/field on your behalf.  

Once your session is complete, you will be provided a recording to utilize as many times as needed.  Once you have had an opportunity to listen to your session a few times, you will have a live debrief with the medium.        


With your permission, a practitioner-by-proxy accesses your Higher Self through the same energies as you would being hypnotized through the quantum field.  We can learn much from your Akashic Records, Past Lives, Future Lives, Healing Opportunities, Relationship Issues, Money and Abundance Blockages, as well as attempt to connect with loved ones here or on the other side of the veil. 

This process is exceedingly simple: 

 1. Set an appointment for your reading 

 2. Submit up to 5 questions, 1 week prior to your session

 3. Conduct a phone interview with Sally Knopp 1-3 days before your session to insure clarity on your questions.

 4. After your session is complete, your audio recording will be sent to you via email.

 5. After listening to your recording a minimum of twice, set an appointment with Lorenda Carr to review your session to clear up any questions you might have.  

Payment is required at time of setting the appointment.  24 hour cancellation notice required for full refund.  No refunds are available after the session is complete.  Invoice will be sent to your email upon setting your appointment.  

New, Introductory Price: $200.  Book your session by calling or texting Sally at 317-376-9364


This is for informational purposes only.   Any energetic contact with a loved one is expressed through Lorenda and therefore will be her personal interpretation. If you are having relationship issues and feel help is needed contact a licensed counselor.

In addition any health questions (healing) is an interpretation of energies and it must be Remembered, you take full responsibility for your own health and well being and stay in contact with your healthcare provider for all medical needs.



My experience with the remote MDH by Proxy was incredible! I live in a rural area so I was going to have to book a QHHT appointment out pretty far. Sally mentioned a new process they were developing and I was in! I went about my day like normal and ended with a beautiful recording to listen to answering all the questions I had! I must have listened to it 10 times. Answers and realization just flowed in! On top of that, I had a beautiful call with Lorenda, clearing up any extra questions I had up! I would do this again and I would recommend it! 

Jenna Kreilein 

A brief over view of Edgar Cayce
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