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How It Works

Remote Energy Healing (By Proxy) is a form of energy "sent" across time and space which is received by the intended recipient who may then experiences a healing effect on their particular issue. You do not have to be physically present to receive a benefit. 


To get into the minutia of how it works, extensive research by major universities have many published papers that can easily be accessed via the internet.  Most noted research is being done by the Institute of Noetic Sciences. 

No one knows with certainty exactly how, but new theories are being explored at main stream universities around the world in the field of quantum physics.   Most famous experiment is the Double Slit Experiment; a demonstration that light and matter can display characteristics of both classically defined waves and particles.  In essence, everything exists in wave form until it's observed and collapses into matter.  Understanding Entanglement and Non-Locality are helping us understand our hidden universe.  Many papers are published on this subject and we urge you independently research so as to give credibility of this process at it's purest point.   Suffice to state everything is energy, including thought.  The universe rest in a state of vibration.  Nothing is solid and therefore can be manipulated.  

What we do know is this process allows us to hone in on specific problems that are at the root of issues and remove them.  At the most basic understanding Remote Energy Releases taps into our subconscious mind to determine where imbalances are and release them.

The Subconscious mind works like a computer and records every belief, thought, word or action that has been observed throughout our lifetime.  What we see, hear, taste, speak and feel from the moment of conception until now is recorded on this “hard-drive” within our mind.  Our sub-conscious mind programs itself based on the environment in which we receive the input.  This is why it is so important to understand that our culture, religion, family history, social environment and community are so important in understanding who and what we have become. Once the old programs are released, we can input and reprogram our true “heart desires”.

Using kinesiology we can enter the sub-conscious through specific wording that will elicit a “yes” or “no” response.  The muscles of the body will weaken if the answer is “no” and the muscles of the body will strengthen if the answer is “yes”.  It is possible to tap into the “programming” of the body to determine if there is an imbalance which can be corrected to change our current life experience to one we want and need.

A typical session Remote Energy Healing lasts for an hour at maximum. After a session most people undergoing the releases can feel immediate relief. However, in most cases it may take more than one session to experience full release of ones issues. 

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