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Choose how you would like to start your personal healing journey by examining Multi-Dimensional Healing, Emotion Code, Quantum Healing Hypnosis, Soul To Soul Communication and or WHEE Tapping - Even personalize different modalities - up to you!  Menu below.

To schedule an appointment, please call or text: 317-376-9364

Multi-Dimensional Healing Options:

Our work together will include 4 Remote Energy Healing Sessions covering a period of 30 days for 1 flat fee.  You are notified via email the day before a release is done (unless you otherwise instruct differently.)  After each release is completed, you will be sent a snapshot of what we worked so you can stay close with the process.  Weekly 30-45 minute meetings via in person or by phone - which ever is most convenient for you, is included in the price.  It is important to make contact weekly to make sure we are on track solving your particular issue or issues.  *Note: as energy begins to move and release, you may experience those emotions a little more intensely, the symptoms of your issue more acutely or more fatigued - but it will pass within a few hours of onset and Experiencers insists results are worth it.  They can be seen on the Testimonial page

1 Hour Complimentary Session - Cost: $0

To learn more about which modality would be a good fit for you, call or text 317-376-9364    


Remote Multi-Deminsional Energy Healing - Cost: $175.00 Flat Fee for 30 days (1 energy session with 3 FREE Followup sessions)


Light Hypnosis Work Over The Phone - Cost: $80  This is a great option for exploring past lives or discovering energies causing you to resist money, abundance, health and much more.  Because we are only venturing into the lighter areas, Alpha vs Theta (QHHT is Theta) we can accomplish quite a bit - all from the comfort of your home.  

QHHT Session is 2-4 hrs. The price does not go over $200.00 if more time is needed.  This is about healing and enjoying your own journey.  Every individual is given the time they need for optimum experience.

MDH by Proxy (Multi-Dimensional Hypnosis by Proxy) - Introductory Price: $200

Soul To Soul Communication: $200.00

Inspired by the work of Dr. Allan Botkin who developed Induced After Death Communication and combining the technique of Dolores Cannon, we have learned one can connect on a conscious level with most anyone you desire, living or in Heaven.  Many folks who are trying to connect with a loved one on the other side, need to allow yourself to go through a normal period of grieving.  Giving yourself time to heal, will make it easier for you to connect.  Much love and healing is exchanged in these sessions.  Recommended only for those who are ready for this experience as the reunion can be intense, but beautiful. 

Also, this can be very healing for those who are going through a difficult relationship or have lost someone you love.  This can be tremendously healing on matters of the heart once you understand the other party's perspective.  However, this is not psychic spying.  This is only used with great care and respect to both parties in the attempt to gain understanding and healing. 

Sally Knopp, QHHT Practitioner

EC Practitioner

Scalar Energy Practitoner

Past Life Guide


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